Monday, October 15, 2012

[NEWS] Hyoyeon and Bora's Perfect Leg

Hyoyeon and Bora's one in billion attractive+ shapely leg are regarded 'Perfect'

On the episode of Invincible Youth 2, G5 Hyoyeon and Bora stimulated the show down of their attractive leg shape. Recently, there were pictures and an article with the title of ‘ G5 Girl group national treasure.!’ uploaded to an online community notice board.

In the released photo, SNSD’s Hyoyeon and Sistar’s Bora caught the attention with the hot-pant-high-top- sneaker. It seems to be much more interesting since they usually grasped fans ‘eyes just by showing off their leg beauty through the kill-heels (High heels). What’s more, even though they wore nothing rather than sneaker, it has been gathering much attention with their leg beauty power.

Source article: nate

translated by Kokking@TheSoneSource

[NEWS] Hyoyeon and Bora's Perfect Leg

[VIDEO] PSY (Gangnam Style) is a fan of SNSD

Credit: Gyujung Lim @ YouTube

Posted by: @Ninelites

[VIDEO] PSY (Gangnam Style) is a fan of SNSD

[Pictures] 121014 Yoona at Innisfree Shooting:

Source: innisfree, sosiz &

[PICTURE] Yoona at Innisfree Shooting

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