Monday, August 6, 2012

S.M. Art Exhibition Spot Feature

S.M. Art Exhibition Spot Features
SM Entertainment shared some photos of its displays that will be featured in their upcoming "S.M. Art Exhibition," will be held from August 10th until the 19th at Samsung's COEX in Seoul.

[Welcome Stage]
"45 of S.M. artists in the 24m-long wide screen will be welcoming you at the entrance of the exhibition!"
[Fantasy Tree]
"The grand-scale performances will be presented through the 13m-long tree-shaped screen located in the center of the exhibition."
[Live with Star]
One person will be chosen at random every day to receive an opportunity to have a video call with an artist.
[S.M.-Motion with CANNON]
Using the simultaneous filming technique, 70 Cannon EOS 5D Mark II cameras will put you in the music video with Girls’ Generation and Super Junior-M.

credit: @facebook smtown
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