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EXO-M Member Analysis "Pure Korean Fashion"

EXO-M Member Analysis "Pure Korean Fashion" 

EXO-M Pure Korean Fashion- August Issue:

Tao: ”Happy Camp” allowed everybody to understand Huang Zitao’s one big hobby — taking a stroll by the beach, moreover he doesn’t need anybody to accompany him, preferring to walk by himself, it’s really a small hobby that is both fresh and sophisticated. His dark circles under his eyes are also a sore spot, every time the noona fans ask if he hasn’t been sleeping well, he always earnestly answers: “These aren’t eye bags they’re my wo can!” He really is a kid who is both cute and innocent.

Lay: Zhang Yixing while dancing onstage is a completely different person than he is normally, when he’s dancing, his eyes immediately become sharp and focused. Don’t just look at his imperious and serious character on stage, he’s actually a very cute and dumb kid, always unconsciously blanking out, showing a “JPG” look, additionally he’s forgetful, often forgetting everything, it’s really cute.

Lu Han: Lu Han is a sports lover, once looking at his skill during “Do Your Best”’s “Floating on Water,” you know that it’s not only a hobby, but he’s also an expert. He’s good looking, and his hobby is 100% healthy, he really is a young man who has been well-raised with great qualities!

Kris: Compared to the K group, Kris’s job as leader of the M group is a lot easier, the kids are all calm and quiet, even if there are some little situations, they are still able to be solved very easily. Therefore, our little Wu leader has more time to take care of himself, his skin care is his top priority, half an hour every night, also needs a sufficient amount of sleep, drink lots of water, it’s only if he has good skin that he is allowed to act cool!

Xiumin: When everybody first sees Xiumin, the thing they’ll definitely remember is his baozi face, and he is also the type to make the best out of every opportunity, even practicing the skill of imitating the face of a variety of baozi, his little face is really stretchy. His child-like face is the cause of envy, who is the actual older brother ah, you really can’t tell!

Chen: Main vocalist Chen has a singing strength that has the ability to amaze people, but in comparison his dancing is a bit weaker, however Chen isn’t discouraged by this at all, silently keeping the view of himself as Dancing Machine in his heart.

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