Monday, September 3, 2012

[PICTURE] Heechul & Kibum on 1st Anniversary Enlistment

Heechul & Kibum  on 1st Anniversary Enlistment

120902 Heechul Oppa & Kibum Oppa on Heechul Oppa's 1st Anniversary after his Enlistment: I freak out seeing Kibum Oppa also there,.. kya~ eventhough the anniversary was yesterday, but the party is Today,.. yeahhh :

Kya,... who's that lucky girl???

And here, Kibum Oppa,... HAHAHAHA,... Why is ur face like that?? Smile Oppa,.. Smile~ Anyway Kibum Oppa's hair and Heechul oppas are very identical,.. cute<3

The party is here:

Credit: Nana K (na7abondgirl)  (via
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